Dada Wari - Off to a good start!

Now I am very happy because me and my community are supported and it is very great for us. I am feeling I am doing a great job.
— Ram Sharan Acharya, Share Nepal Chairperson

ParticipAid is working with the local NGO 'Share Nepal' to facilitate our Community-Led Rebuilding Program for an area of 750+ families called Dada Wari.

 The first step is cultivating a true understanding of community needs and assets.  Just today they've wrapped up the survey activities, and reports from the ground are mostly very positive. 

There are many challenges however - expectations are high and corruption is rampant.  Local people have a distrust of some foreigners and organizations because they notice that people are making money from their tragedy.  Knowing this, we are moving this program forward with careful intention.  We want to make sure that the local people are empowered to take control of the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.  Onward!