#GivingTuesday with ParticipAid

Meet Bhagawati Neupane, a 30 year old wife and mother from the village of Karmidanda, Nepal.  Her two children survived Nepal’s April earthquake when Bhagabati threw herself over them, shielding them as the walls of their home crumbled and fell.  She’s one incredible lady, and one of the 17 people elected by her community to design the emergency relief plan that your generous contributions helped fund in May.  Thanks to the plan devised by Bhagawati and her peers, Karmidanda’s 70 families were able to survive with temporary shelters, nutritious food, clean water, and safe sanitation.

I recently returned from visiting Karmidanda, and spent some time with her family.  Her husband Mohan earns his living as a trekking guide, and the recent plummet in tourism cost him the job that supported his family.  They continue to live in their temporary shelter and are currently surviving off of the crops from their farm.  Over tea, Mohan recently lamented “How can we build a new house? How can we send our children to school? How can we manage if we get sick?” Sadly this is the situation for the majority of rural Nepali families.  They’ve survived the disaster, but the daunting task of rebuilding their homes, their communities, and their lives looms ahead.  

I remain strong in my commitment to support Karmidanda’s recovery, and I hope that at this critical time you will too.  I’ve established the non-profit organization ParticipAid, and your tax deductible donation this #GivingTuesday supports our flagship project #RebuildKarmidanda.  We continue to build on the success of our disaster relief project, and support the local leaders like Bhagabati who emerged from it. 

Our four-month program is designed to catalyze sustainable recovery by cultivating local leaders and empowering them with the skills and resources needed to manage their rebuilding process.  With your support, we are expanding our borders to benefit not only Karmidanda, but the entire 1500 family municipality in which it resides.  The road to recovery is a challenging one; thank you so much for walking it with us!

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