Humanitarian Privilege

Humanitarian Privilege

Confessions of a Foreign Aid Worker 

Sure it’s a privilege to help others, but that’s not what I mean.  I mean the privilege and power we have by simply being humanitarians.  It is much like white privilege, except we don’t necessarily have to be white.  Also, like white privilege, we didn’t earn it and we can’t give it up.  It’s inherent in the system that holds us all.  We can however be aware of it, observe its impacts, and choose to work in a way that either challenges it or reinforces it.

Ring in the Old!

I used to write pages of resolutions for each New Year.  They were more like lists of 40 things to do! I’d make the list a mix of fun and “good for me.” Then, I’d work at the list all year.  I’d transfer the inevitable undone things to next year’s list. After a few years, the list got really long, and needless to say, less fun and more stressful.  I quit my New Year’s lists in 2013, and haven’t looked back.