Our Community-Led Rebuilding Program (CLRP) is a 5-year program that trains and supports our partner community-based groups to manage disaster recovery projects of their own design.  In each phase, we teach methods and skills that engage local people, with special care to be inviting to women, youths, and discriminated classes.  


Participatory Assessment

Before we address a problem with our partners, we seek to understand it from a local perspective.  In the first phase, we teach skills and tools that help describe underlying causes of, and relationships between the many problems facing a post-disaster community.


Pilot Project Implementation

Once recovery projects are planned and prioritized, we finance one of their plans, and work with local leaders to implement it.  In this phase we teach skills and tools that help select appropriate beneficiaries, and ensure the project is on track to their desired impact.      

Participatory Planning

From the survey we can see what the problems are, and who is most affected by them.  In the second phase, we teach skills and tools that can be used to gather and synthesize ideas about how to fix a problem from those that are most affected by it.  

Participatory Project Management 

As our partners become more proficient within the disaster recovery framework, we work with them to design effective feedback systems.  We teach skills and tools to help them gain new partners in their recovery plans, and advocate for them globally.