ParticipAid was born from the inspiring actions of a group of local people in a village called Karmidanda in central Nepal.  Dr. Erin Moore has been working with this community on health initiatives since 2010, and returned in March of 2015 to begin long term planning with village.  On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake devastated Karmidanda.  It destroyed nearly all of the homes, took four lives, and wounded many more.  Following the immediate aftermath, she was joined by Mr. Nat Willis and Dr. Kamal Phuyal to take on the task of providing emergency relief for Karmidanda’s families.  The three founders worked side by side with the local people to facilitate a community-designed Emergency Relief Plan.

Before the monsoon season began in July, all Karmidanda’s residents had their basic needs met – temporary shelter, a two month supply of nutritious food, access to clean water and safe sanitation, and blankets and mosquito nets for each family.  Unlike most villages in the country, they managed and distributed their own aid.

With an intimate understanding of the unique trauma that follows a natural disaster, the founders were compelled to support this population.  Their combined decades of experience empowering others to successfully manage their personal health, businesses, and communities provided a strong and diverse platform.  Together they founded ParticipAid, and are committed to implementing programs and services that empower survivors of natural disasters to take lead in rebuilding their homes and lives.