To maintain the integrity of our mission, we practice these values in everything we do.


●    Empowered Participation – Humans of all kinds deserve the opportunity to make a difference.  We are all equals on the same team.   
●    Trustful Relationships – We cultivate our internal and external relationships carefully.  We trust in our teams’ experiences, intentions, and abilities.
●    Open Sourced Knowledge – Our work is fully transparent, and we share the fruits of our labor widely.    
●    Self-Reflection – We’re not afraid to fail, and insist that we are always improving the way that we serve.  Through the framework of Community Based Participatory Research, we take an honest look at our outcomes and apply results to new programs.
●    Thoughtful Progress – We work with vulnerable communities within a complex humanitarian system.  We honor that by taking the time to listen, and taking deliberate action when the time is right.